Point Shooting

Point shooting, also called threat focused shooting, is a method of shooting a firearm that relies on a shooter's instinctive reactions, kinematics, and the use of biomechanics that can be employed effectively in life-threatening emergencies to quickly engage close targets.

This method of shooting is recognized and supported by the National Rifle Association (NRA) for use in life-threatening situations where the use of sight shooting cannot be employed due to lack of time to use the gun's sights, low-light conditions, or because of the body's natural reaction to close quarters threats which prevent meeting the marksmanship requirements of sight shooting.

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Modern Technique Of The Pistol - History
... In 1956 Jeff Cooper started holding "Leatherslap" shooting events and established the "Bear Valley Gunslingers" at Big Bear Lake, California ... Initially, competitors primarily used some form of Point Shooting, which consisted of single-handed shooting techniques, with the pistol fired from the hip ... However, many of the shooters using Point Shooting would discharge several rounds from the hip in rapid succession, but miss the 18-inch balloons seven yards away ...
Modern Technique Of The Pistol - Components - Flash Sight Picture
... In point shooting, by contrast, the pistol is drawn from the holster and fired from the hip, without the sights being aligned at all ... In slow-fire rifle shooting, the front sight and rear sight of the rifle are aligned with the distant target with great care, taking at least several seconds ... However, more accuracy than point shooting is required to hit one's assailant reliably ...
Point Shooting - In Military Doctrine - Israeli Method
... The "Israeli method" is a point shooting system devised by the Israel Defense Force (IDF) for use in training personnel to use rifles, submachine guns, and handguns ... of the sights is taught, as well as a more advanced method of point shooting ...

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