Play (group) - History - 2011: US Comeback and Official Split

2011: US Comeback and Official Split

Anaïs, Sanne and Emelie were planning a return to the United States. They met with stylists, TV producers, as well as musicians during a trip to Los Angeles and New York in January. They were hoping to release an EP in the United States in August, which was likely to include about six or seven songs. It was stated by the group that five of the songs would be coming from Under My Skin, and that they would either be re-recording an old Play song, or covering one to put on the EP. Confirmed tracks were "Not The One", "Show Me What You Got", "Consequence Of You", "Girls" and "Trash". Later that year, on 23 May 2011, it was announced after a lack of news, that the plans that were made for the group would not happen and the group had broken up for a second and final time. The band split up in early 2011. Moreover, it was later revealed through an official statement that the members were no longer on speaking terms for a variety of reasons. The reason was apparently due to the girls not meeting after their trip to L.A. and some things were said about the commitment of some of the girls. They have each since gone their separate ways both professionally and personally.

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