Plate Fleet Shipwrecks

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National Register Of Historic Places Listings In Monroe County, Florida - Current Listings
... Summerland Key part of the Light Stations of the United States MPS Angustias Shipwreck Site 02006-06-15June 15, 2006 Approximately 1-mile (1.6 km) south of U.S ... Key Channel Layton Part of the 1733 Spanish Plate Fleet Shipwrecks MPS The Armory 01971-03-11March 11, 600 ... White Street Key West Bat Tower-Sugarloaf Key 01982-05-13May 13 ... Marine Sanctuary Key Largo Chavez Shipwreck Site 02006-06-15June 15, 2006 Seaward end of Snake Creek off Windley Key Islamorada Part of the 1733 Spanish Plate Fleet Shipwrecks MPS Dry Tortugas National ...

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    ... overconfidence in one’s own ability is the root of much evil. Vanity, egoism, is the deadliest of all characteristics. This vanity, combined with extreme ignorance of conditions the knowledge of which is the very A B C of business and of life, produces more shipwrecks and heartaches than any other part of our mental make-up.
    Alice Foote MacDougall (1867–1945)

    Say “Yessum” to the ladies, an’ “Yessur” to the men,
    And when they’s company, don’t pass yer plate for pie again;
    But, thinkin’ of the things yer’d like to see upon that tree,
    Jes ‘fore Christmas be as good as yer kin be!
    Eugene Field (1850–1895)

    On the middle of that quiet floor
    sits a fleet of small black ships,
    square-rigged, sails furled, motionless,
    their spars like burned matchsticks.
    Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)