Placebo Effect (band)

Placebo Effect (band)

Placebo Effect was a German dark electro band.

The band was formed in the late 1980s by Axel Machens, Christoph Kunze, and Achim Windel. They have an early electro-industrial sound which has been credited as the inspiration of several other industrial bands like Front Line Assembly.

In 1995, Placebo Effect parted ways, but Machens has teamed up with Ecki Stieg to form the side project "Accessories" and cut an album entitled Vendetta.

In 1999, Machens also performed his solo-project called "Breathe" and cut The Laughing Dolls EP and several single mixes. Breathe live performances also consist of keyboardists Sascha Garthof and Daniel Sachse, and drummer Nick Zärban.

In 2011,as part of the Infacted Recordings classics collection, Gargoyles & Galleries was re-mastered and released worldwide limited to 1000 copies. Tracks 1-14 were originally released as the 1992 debut album "Galleries of Pain". Tracks 15 to 18 were originally released as the 1990 demotape "Gargoyles".

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