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Image Sensor Format - Sensor Size, Noise and Dynamic Range - Exposure and Photon Flux
... across formats for a given fixed photon flux per pixel area (the P in the formulas) this analysis is useful for a fixed number of pixels with pixel area proportional to sensor area, and fixed absolute aperture ... to a fixed f-number, in which case P is proportional to pixel area, independent of sensor area ...
Attribute Clash - Causes
... to conserve memory, Sinclair's design stored pixel bitmap and color information in separate areas of memory ... While the bitmap specified the state of individual pixels (either on or off), the color information (or "attributes") corresponded to the text ... Thus, each 8x8 pixel block could only contain 2 colors from the 15 available, which must both be from either the BRIGHT or non-BRIGHT halves of the palette ...
Texas Instruments TMS9918 - Screen Mode 2 Detail
... The screen is vertically divided into three 256×64 pixel areas, each of which gets its own character set ... By sequentially printing the characters 0 through 255 in all three areas, the program can simulate a graphics mode where each pixel can be set individually ... The graphics can be drawn such that the 8×8 pixel borders are not too obvious, an art where Konami was particularly well known for their excellence ...

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