Pirro may refer to:

An Albanian given name; derived from Greek "Pyrrhos" (Latinized as "Pyrrhus") (flame-coloured, red-haired).

  • Pirro Çako, Albanian artist

An Italian name. It is derived either from the aforementioned Greek name or from a variant of the name Pierro (from Peter).

  • Emanuele Pirro, Italian race-car driver
  • Jean Pirro, French linguist, inventor of the a posteriori universal language "Universalglot", published in 1868
  • Jeanine Pirro, American politician and attorney
  • Ugo Pirro, Italian actor
  • Pirro Ligorio, Italian artist
  • Pirro people, commonly called Yine people, an indigenous tribe in the Peruvian Amazon

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