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Reviving Ophelia - Summary and Case Studies - Divorce
... Julia (14) She was a member of a blended family and came in to see Pipher after Julia’s arrest for being a minor in possession ... Pipher encouraged Julia to deal with the stress of her mother’s remarriage without the use of alcohol ... Pipher encouraged the parents to let Amy stay with her grandparents while they finalized the terms of the divorce ...
Ophelia - Portrayal
... Psychologist Mary Pipher attributed the name of her 1994 book Reviving Ophelia to Shakespeare's Ophelia ... In her book, Pipher examines the troubled lives of the modern American adolescent girls ... clinical work with troubled young women, Pipher takes a closer look at the competing influences that lead adolescent girls in a negative direction ...
Sesame Street: Talk, Listen, Connect - Credits
... Executive Producer Kevin Clash Producers Joseph Pipher, Christina Delfico Associate Producer Liz Sorem Line Producer Deb Mayer Written by Christine Ferraro, Joseph Pipher Directed by Ken Diego Associate ... production assistant), Leah Baker (production assistant), Joseph Pipher (location director), Rich White (director of photography), Deb Mayer (location manager), Steven Crell (g ...
Reviving Ophelia - Summary and Case Studies - Depression
... Pipher encouraged Monica to join clubs, begin to exercise in a healthy way and find a way to adjust to adolescence while maintaining her “true self” ... Penelope agreed to meet with Pipher however, following her session, Penelope again attempted suicide ... She did not return to therapy with Pipher ...
Reviving Ophelia - Summary and Case Studies - Drugs and Alcohol
... Pipher encouraged the parents to give Tracy more privacy and encouraged Tracy to channel her energy into non-chemical activities ... Pipher encouraged Rita to look for and create healthy relationships ... Casey (18) Casey’s parents brought her in to see Pipher after the discovery of diet pills substantiated her parents’ suspicion that Casey was using drugs ...

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    Adolescence is when girls experience social pressure to put aside their authentic selves and to display only a small portion of their gifts.
    —Mary Pipher (20th century)

    It’s important for parents to watch for trouble and convey to their daughters that, if it comes, they are strong enough to deal with it. Parents who send their [adolescent] daughters the message that they’ll be overwhelmed by problems aren’t likely to hear what’s really happening.
    —Mary Pipher (20th century)

    Adolescents are travelers, far from home with no native land, neither children nor adults. They are jet-setters who fly from one country to another with amazing speed. Sometimes they are four years old, an hour later they are twenty-five. They don’t really fit anywhere. There’s a yearning for place, a search for solid ground.
    —Mary Pipher (20th century)