Pinglu Army

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History Of The Khitans - Pre-Dynastic Khitans (388–907) - An Lushan Era (750s) - Rise of An Lushan and Chinese-on-Khitan Hostilities
... commander of Youzhou, sent his protected An Lushan, an officer of the Pinglu Army (平盧軍) based in modern Chaoyang who was said to know 6 languages of Chinese, to attack Khitan and the Xi rebels but An Lushan ... Youzhou soon became the Bingmashi (兵馬使) of the Pinglu Army in the seventh month of 741 ... (Ying prefecture) and Jiedushi (military governor) of the Pinglu army in 742 to face and defeat the northern threat from Khitans, Xi, Bohai and Heishui Mohe ...
An Lushan - Service in Tang Armies - Rise Through The Ranks (736-742)
... carried a general title and was serving under Zhang Shougui as an officer of the Pinglu Army (平盧軍, based in modern Chaoyang) ... According to army regulations, he was supposed to be executed, but Zhang, instead, allegedly sent him to the capital, Chang'an, and, while recommending execution, was hoping that Emperor Xuanzong would ... In 740, An became the Bingmashi (兵馬使) of Pinglu Army ...

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