Pilot Licensing in Canada - Ratings - VFR-Over-the-Top Rating

VFR-Over-the-Top Rating

The VFR-Over-the-Top (VFR OTT) rating allows the holder to fly above and between cloud, without visual reference to the ground under visual flight rules during the daytime. Pilots are required to takeoff from an aerodrome in normal VMC and VFR and land at the destination aerodrome under VFR. The cruise flight in between may be flown under VFR OTT flight rules.

This rating is an intermediate step between piloting privileges that allow only for VFR flying and an instrument rating. This rating is included in the privileges of an instrument rating, as well as the Commercial Licence.

The VFR OTT rating is available for the following licences:

  • Private pilot—aeroplane
  • Private pilot—helicopter
  • Commercial pilot—helicopter
  • Airline transport pilot—helicopter

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