• (noun): The act of stealing valuable things from a place.
    Synonyms: plundering, pillaging
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Some articles on pillage:

Emperor Suzong Of Tang - Reign
... Emperor Suzong did so by promising that the Huige forces would be permitted to pillage the Chnag'an region once it was recaptured.) Li Mi suggested that these forces be used to attack Yan's power base at Fanyang first ... Huige forces were set to pillage Chang'an, but Li Chu bowed to the Huige prince commanding Huige forces to plead to delay the pillage—pointing out ...
Hazarajat - History - 19th Century
... Hazaras as savage criminals “The Hazara population is ungovernable, and has no occupation but pillage they will pillage and pillage only, and plunder from camp to camp” ...
Obert Skye - Bibliography
... of the Want (third book of the Leven Thumps series) (2008) Pillage (first book of the Pillage Trilogy) (2008) Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra (four ...

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