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Piano Accordion - History
... The first accordion to feature a piano keyboard was probably the instrument introduced in 1852 by Bouton of Paris ... Another source claimed the first piano accordion was introduced in 1854 at the Allegemeine Deutsche Industrieausstellung in M√ľnchen ... In the United States, the piano accordion dramatically increased in popularity between 1900-1930 based on its familiarity to students and teachers, and its ...
Dynamic Tonality - Piano Keyboard
... The piano keyboard is one-dimensional, and therefore cannot present the intervals of a rank-2 (two-dimensional) temperament isomorphically ... As it is not isomorphic, the piano keyboard is also not tuning invariant, and hence cannot control dynamic tuning with consistent fingering ... Whereas an isomorphic keyboard's tuning invariance makes dynamic tonality easy to control, the piano keyboard's lack of tuning invariance makes it impractical ...

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