Phraya Phichai - History - The One With Broken Sword

The One With Broken Sword

In the heat of the battle which Thong Di fought with Sang ma dap (two handed swords) and after many fierce engagements he slipped and used one of his swords to control himself by pointing it into the ground, as he leaned on the sword it broke in half. Thong Di used his Thai boxing techniques. One dap and one broken one, he led his army to victory forcing the Burmese back across the border.

As a result of this battle he was known as “Phraya Phichai Dap Hak”. Eventually after fifteen years of war the Siamese under “King Taksin the Great" had forced the Burmese army back and Siam regained all of its original frontiers.

When King Taksin died, the new King Rama I of the Chao Phraya Chakri Dynasty (the present day rulers), he declared his new capitol Bangkok. As a reward for his loyalty and service to his country King Rama asked Phraya Phichai if he would continue his good work as the king’s guard. (In these times the law of the land stated that once a King died, his bodyguards and loyal servants should die with him), but King Rama offered to take an exception for Phraya Phichai.

However, Phraya Phichai was so saddened by the death of his beloved King Taksin that he ordered the executioner to do away with him, despite King Rama's kindness. Such was the loyalty that Phraya Phichai had for King Taksin. Instead he asked King Rama to raise his son and in time that son could become King”s personal bodyguard in his fathers place.

Phraya Phichai was executed on his own order when he was 41 years old. A monument built to the memory of Phraya Phichai in 1969. The bronze image of the great warrior stand proudly in front of the Parliament Building in Uttarradit and serves to remind each generation of the amazing man”s courage and loyalty to his King and the Thai nation. The epitaph reads "In memory and loving honor for the pride of our nation".

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Name Phichai, Phraya
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