Philippine Historical Association - Presidents of The Philippine Historical Association

Presidents of The Philippine Historical Association

1955 Gabriel F. Fabella
1956 Gabriel Fabella
1957 Gabriel Fabella
1958 Nicolas Zafra
1959 Gabriel F. Fabella
1960 Esteban A. de Ocampo
1961 Dalmacio Martin (on leave)
Ricardo A. Arcilla (acting)
1962 Nicolas Zafra
1963 Esteban A. de Ocampo
1964 Esteban A. de Ocampo
1965 Gregorio F. Zaide
1966 Gregorio F. Zaide
1967 Celedonio A. Ancheta
1968 Sixto Y. Orosa
1969 Esteban A. de Ocampo
1970 Esteban A. de Ocampo
1971 Gregorio F. Zaide
1972 Gloria M. Santos
1973 Celedonio O. Resurreccion
1974 Celedonio O. Resurreccion
1975 Diosdado G. Capino
1976 Diosdado G. Capino
1977 Ma. Minerva A. Gonzalez
1978 Ma. Minerva A. Gonzalez
1979 Bonifacio S. Salamanca
1980 Bonifacio S. Salamanaca
1982 Romeo V. Cruz
1983 Romeo V. Cruz
1984 Rosario M. Cortes
1985 Rosario M. Cortes
1986 Oscar L. Evangelista
1987 Oscar L. Evangelista
1988 Napoleon J. Casambre
1989 Napoleon J. Casambre
1990 Cesar Pobre (acting)
1991 Cesar Pobre
1992 Cesar Pobre
1993 Milagros Guerrero
1994 Epitacio Palispis
1995 Epitacio S. Palispis
1996 Oscar L. Evangelista
1997 Oscar Evangelista
1998 Pablo Trillana III
1999 Pablo Trillana III
2000 Ambeth Ocampo
2001 Ambeth Ocampo
2002 Cesar Pobre
2003 Cesar Pobre
2004 Evelyn Miranda
2005 Evelyn Miranda
2006 Celestina Boncan
2007 Celestina Boncan

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    In this great association we know no North, no South, no East, no West. This has been our pride for all these years. We have no political party. We never have inquired what anybody’s religion is. All we ever have asked is simply, “Do you believe in perfect equality for women?” This is the one article in our creed.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)

    Whether considered as a doctrine, or as an historical fact, or as a movemement, socialism, if it really remains socialism, cannot be brought into harmony with the dogmas of the Catholic church.... Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are expressions implying a contradiction in terms.
    Pius XI [Achille Ratti] (1857–1939)

    Our presidents have been getting to be synthetic monsters, the work of a hundred ghost- writers and press agents so that it is getting harder and harder to discover the line between the man and the institution.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)