Philip K. Dick Bibliography - Published Works - Novels By Year of Composition

Novels By Year of Composition

Year Title Published Notes
1950 Gather Yourselves Together 1994
1952 Voices from the Street 2007
1953 Vulcan's Hammer 1960 +
1953 Dr. Futurity 1960 +
1953 The Cosmic Puppets 1957 *
1954 Solar Lottery 1955 *
1954 Mary and the Giant 1987 *
1954 The World Jones Made 1956
1955 Eye in the Sky 1957
1955 The Man Who Japed 1956
1956 A Time for George Stavros manuscript lost
1956 Pilgrim on the Hill manuscript lost
1956 The Broken Bubble 1988
1957 Puttering About in a Small Land 1985
1958 Nicholas and the Higs manuscript lost
1958 Time Out of Joint 1959
1958 In Milton Lumky Territory 1985
1959 Confessions of a Crap Artist 1975
1960 The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike 1984
1960 Humpty Dumpty in Oakland 1986
1961 The Man in the High Castle 1962 Hugo Award winner, 1963;
1962 We Can Build You 1972
1962 Martian Time-Slip 1964 LOA2
1963 Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb 1965 Nebula Award nominee, 1965; LOA2
1963 The Game-Players of Titan 1963
1963 The Simulacra 1964
1963 The Crack in Space 1966 as Cantata-140 (1966)
1963 Now Wait for Last Year 1966 LOA2
1964 Clans of the Alphane Moon 1964
1964 The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch 1965 Nebula Award nominee, 1965;


1964 The Zap Gun 1967
1964 The Penultimate Truth 1964
1964 Deus Irae 1976 with Roger Zelazny *+
1964 The Unteleported Man 1966 as Lies, Inc. (1984) *+
1965 The Ganymede Takeover 1967 with Ray Nelson *
1965 Counter-Clock World 1967 +
1966 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 1968 Nebula Award nominee, 1968;
1966 Nick and the Glimmung 1988 for children
1966 Ubik 1969 LOA1
1968 Galactic Pot-Healer 1969
1968 A Maze of Death 1970 LOA3
1969 Our Friends from Frolix 8 1970
1970 Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said 1974 Nebula Award nominee, 1974;
John W. Campbell Award winner, 1975;
Hugo Award nominee, 1975;
Locus Award nominee, 1975;
LOA2 *
1973 A Scanner Darkly 1977 British Science Fiction Award winner, 1978;
John W. Campbell Award nominee, 1978;
LOA2 *
1976 Radio Free Albemuth 1985
1978 VALIS 1981 LOA3
1980 The Divine Invasion 1981 British Science Fiction Award nominee, 1982;
1981 The Transmigration of Timothy Archer 1982 Nebula Award nominee, 1982;
Locus Award nominee, 1983;
1982 The Owl in Daylight unfinished

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