Phenyl Group

In organic chemistry, the phenyl group or phenyl ring is a cyclic group of atoms with the formula C6H5. Phenyl groups are closely related to benzene. Phenyl groups have six carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal planar ring, five of which are bonded to individual hydrogen atoms, with the remaining carbon bonded to a substituent. Phenyl groups are pervasive in organic chemistry. Although often depicted with alternating double and single bonds, phenyl groups are chemically aromatic and show nearly equal bond lengths between carbon atoms in the ring.

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Periodinane Compounds
... bipyramidal geometry displaying apicophilicity with a phenyl group and a chlorine group at the apical positions and other phenyl group with two lone pair electrons ... geometries with 4 heteroatoms in basal positions and one apical phenyl group ...
Phenyl Group - Preparation, Occurrence, and Applications
... Phenyl groups are usually introduced using reagents that behave as sources of the phenyl anion or the phenyl cation ... Electrophiles attack benzene to give phenyl derivatives C6H6 + E+ → C6H5E + H+ where E+ (the "electrophile") = Cl+, NO2+, SO3 ... Representative compounds containing phenyl groups Lipitor, a blockbuster drug featuring two phenyl and one p-fluorophenyl groups Allegra, another blockbuster drug, which features a diphenylmethyl group ...

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