Phengaris - Species


The species, listed in the presumed phylogenetic sequence from the most ancestral to the most apomorphic, are:

Basal group (Maculinea sensu stricto)

  • Phengaris alconAlcon Blue, Alcon Large Blue
    • Phengaris alcon arenaria – Dutch Alcon Blue (extinct)
  • Phengaris rebeli – Mountain Alcon Blue (may belong in P. alcon)

Phengaris sensu stricto

  • Phengaris daitozana
  • Phengaris albida
  • Phengaris atroguttata – Great Spotted Blue
  • Phengaris xiushani – Xiushan's Large Blue

Other "Maculinea"

  • Phengaris kurentzovi
  • Phengaris nausithous – Dusky Large Blue
  • Phengaris ogumae (tentatively placed here)
  • Phengaris teleius – Scarce Large Blue
  • Phengaris cyanecula
  • Phengaris arion – Large Blue
  • Phengaris ligurica (may belong in P. arion)
  • Phengaris takamukui
  • Phengaris arionides – Greater Large Blue

Incertae sedis

  • Phengaris xiaheana

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