Phegeus was a Greek mythological king who offered succor and his daughter, Arsinoe (named Alphesiboea in some versions), to Alcmaeon, who was fleeing from the Erinyes. Alcmaeon left his mother's, Eriphyle's, jewelry and clothing with him and then returned for it later in order to please the river god Achelous and have his daughter, Callirhoe, in marriage. Phegeus had his sons Agenor and Pronous kill Alcmaeon.

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Alcmaeon (mythology)
... and driven mad, fleeing first to Arcadia, where his grandfather Oicles ruled, and then to King Phegeus in Psophis, who purified him and gave him his daughter, Arsinoe (named ... He complies, returning to Psophis and telling king Phegeus that he required the necklace and robe in order to be purified ... Either Phegeus or his sons (Agenor and Pronous) discovers the truth from a servant, and they ambush and kill Alcmaeon ...
Necklace Of Harmonia - Owners
... This led to the death of Eriphyle, Alcmaeon, Phegeus, and the latter's sons ... the son of Eriphyle, the necklace then came into the hands of Phegeus' daughter Arsinoe (named Alphesiboea in some versions), then to the sons of Phegeus, Pronous and Agenor, and ...