Phase One (company)

Phase One (company)

Phase One is a Danish company specializing in high-end digital photography equipment and software. It manufactures open platform based medium format camera systems and solutions. Their own RAW processing software, Capture One, supports many DSLRs besides their backs.

PODAS workshops (Phase One Digital Artist Series) is a series of worldwide photography workshops designed for digital photographers interested in working with medium format, high-resolution cameras. PODAS is a part of the Phase One educational division. Each attendee receives a Phase One digital camera system for the duration of the workshop.

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Phase One (company) - Product Release in Chronological Order
... IQ280, IQ260, IQ260 Achomatic - 2013 PhaseOne 645DF+ - 2012 PhaseOne iXR, PhaseOne iXA - 2012 IQ180, IQ160, IQ140 - 2011 P40+ - 2009 PhaseOne 645DF - 2009 P65+ - 2008 PhaseOne 645AF - 2008 ...

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