Pharaun Mizzrym - U - Urlgen Threefist

Urlgen Threefist

The son of Obould Many-Arrows. This orc, however, hardly possesses the strength, intelligence, or courage his father has. He is hardly close to King Obould, who sees his son as merely another military commander for his army. When Urlgen is killed at the hands of Innovindil in The Lone Drow, Obould feels little remorse and is convinced his son did not press the dwarves of Mithral Hall harder. Urlgen Threefist is named for the metal plate strapped across his forehead, giving him the ability to attack from three separate angles. He is eventually killed when Innovindil hides a dagger in the small of her hand and Urlgen, intending to headbutt her, impales himself.

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