Pezoporikos Larnaca

Pezoporikos Larnaca

Pezoporikos Club Larnaca (Greek: Πεζοπορικός Όμιλος Λάρνακας, Pezoporikos Omilos Larnakas) was a Cypriot sports club based in Larnaca with football, basketball and volleyball teams. Founded in 1927, the football club joined the Cypriot Championship in 1938 and won the championship twice and the cup once. The colours of the club were green and white. In 1994 the club merged with EPA Larnaca and they formed AEK Larnaca (Αθλητική Ένωση Κιτίου).

The club had also a basketball and volleyball department and were champions in the basketball four times and five times cup winners. Since the season 1990-91, the club dominated the Cyprus Basketball by winning 3 championships and one cup in four years. During the season 1993-94, the team eliminated Hapoel Eilat 86-80 and 65-65 for the Korać Cup and qualified in the second round of Korać Cup where they were eliminated by Panionios. However even as champions, the club merged like the football department and AEK Larnaca didn't continue with the success of Pezoporikos Basketball Club.

Founding member of the Cyprus Volleyball Federation, the volleyball women's team was more successful than the men's one since the women won the Cup once in 1979 when they beat AEL Limassol in the final 3-2. They were Runners up twice each in the championship and in the cup.

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