Petz: Dogz 2 and Catz 2 - Wii and PS2 Versions - Places


SOUTH PAWVILLE (has a zoo, an aquarium, a fishing dock, and several shops)

Dolphin Coast (the village's beach with a fishing dock, a ship with lighthouse, and fields with prairie dogs)

Monolith Isle (an island out sea with some dangerous wild animals and 1 fishing dock)

  • Bubble Cave (a very large and deep cave that has several dangerous wild animals including venomous snakes)

Jade Fields (a large grassy area with 2 fishing docks)

Lonesome Park (a large dry area that is known to have many whirlwinds)

  • Gongoro Peak (an even larger dry area with a small village and a fishing dock where the player can fish out the rarest and most precious freshwater fish)

Lappy Lake (a large lake with many small grassy islands and 2 fishing docks)

Tail Heights (a small village with a ton of venomous snakes and other dangerous wild animals and a fishing dock)

  • Sky Heights (a large area with polluted bogs and many bridges)

NORTH PAWVILLE (has a police station and several homes)

Whisker Woods (a large forest with a fishing dock, a large waterfall, some dangerous wild animals, rivers, and a famous hot spring)

Crystal Caverns (a large cavern containg several crystals and dangerous wild animals)

  • Inferno Cave (an extremely hot cave with a small village, pools of lava, small ponds, and several dangerous wild animals)
  • Polar Fields (an extremely cold area with a small village, 2 fishing docks, a small icy watered pond, slippery ice, and some dangerous wild animals)

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