Peter Gunn - Some Notable Guest Stars

Some Notable Guest Stars

  • Frank Albertson appeared as Captain A.C. Clark in "Kidnap".
  • Shelley Berman guest-starred as Danny Holland, a paranoid stand-up comedian in "The Comic".
  • Francis X. Bushman played aging actor Clinton Hobart in "Last Resort".
  • Diahann Carroll guest-starred as Dina Kelton, a nightclub singer in "Sing a Song of Murder".
  • James Coburn played a famous and talented trumpeter who has become ill and wants to escape his life in "The Murder Clause."
  • Jackie Coogan played Eric Woolrich in the episode "Keep Smiling".
  • Mara Corday (Oct. 1958 Playboy cover & centerfold) played a criminal who used the aliases Emily, Frances, and Margaret in the episode "Keep Smiling".
  • Henry Daniell appeared as Arthur Copeland in "The Crossbow".
  • Virginia Grey played Lisa Randolph in "Death Is a Four Letter Word".
  • Ted Knight appeared as a crooked bank manager in "Crisscross".
  • Gavin MacLeod played gangster George Fallon in the series premiere episode "The Kill".
  • Ross Martin played Sal in the episode "The Fuse".
  • Howard McNear played different characters in episodes: "The Missing Night Watchman", "A Tender Touch" & "Slight Touch of Homicide".
  • Tyler McVey appeared twice in episodes "The Vicious Dog" and "Death Across the Board".
  • Jane Morgan appeared as Lois Lee in the episode "Down the Drain".
  • Hayden Rorke portrayed Mark Eustis in the episode "I Know It's Murder".
  • Victor Rodman appeared as a judge in the episode "A Tender Touch".
  • Hal Smith played florist Floyd Landau in the episode "Skin Deep".
  • Barbara Stuart appeared three times between 1958 and 1961 in different roles in the episodes "The Blind Pianist", "The Briefcase", and "Come Dance with Me and Die".
  • Roy Thinnes appeared as Roy Davidson in "The Man with the Scar".

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Peter Gunn - Some Notable Guest Stars
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