Peroneal refers to the lateral compartment of the leg. This Greek-derived medical term often refers to its well-known Latin analog, fibular.

Peroneal can refer to:

  • Peroneal artery
  • Peroneal vein
  • Peroneal nerve
  • Peroneus brevis muscle
  • Peroneus longus muscle

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... Peroneal nerve decompression In the surgical treatment of fibular nerve compression, an incision is made over the neck of the fibula ... Deep peroneal nerve decompression In the surgical treatment of deep fibular nerve entrapment in the foot, a ligament from the extensor digitorum brevis muscle that crosses over the deep ...
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... A peroneal strike is a temporarily disabling blow to the common peroneal nerve of the leg, just above the knee ... Repeated strong peroneal strikes can cause nerve damage and have a high chance of damaging the surrounding tissues due to the spontaneous nature of the technique and the nerve location ... The peroneal strike was used against detainees during the 2002 Bagram torture and prisoner abuse scandal ...