Pernessa C. Seele - Legacy and Honors (selected)

Legacy and Honors (selected)

  • 2006 - Seele was the guest of President George W. Bush and his wife for his fifth State of the Union address, in which he renewed the government's commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS in the black community.
  • 2006 - Time magazine listed her among the Top 100 Americans.
  • 2008 - Seele was a featured speaker at the XVII International Conference on AIDS at Mexico City.
  • 1996, Manhattan Borough, President Award
  • 1997, Harlem United Community AIDS Center, Life Award
  • 1997, State of Michigan, special tribute
  • 1997, Community Works, Harlem Women Making a Difference Award
  • 1998, Unity Fellowship Church, Bishop Carl Bean Visionary Award

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