Perisai Diri - Techniques - Minangkabau


The martial arts of the Minangkabau region (known collectively as silek) in West Sumatra are among the oldest in Indonesia and are characterised by their focus on ground-fighting. According to Minang folklore, the Javanese were once intent on capturing West Sumatra. To decide the outcome without resorting to a full-scale war, the two sides agreed to hold a buffalo-fight. The Javanese produced a large, vicious and angry buffalo. The West Sumatrans simply supplied a young calf with razors upon its small horns. The large buffalo not seeing the threat allowed the young calf close as it came to suckle milk. Upon it trying to suckle it sliced the large buffalo's stomach, making the young buffalo the victor. The Minang technique is much like the point of this story; seemingly harmless yet brutal in its application.

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