Perdue may refer to:

  • Perdue, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Perdue No. 346, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Perdue Farms, an American chicken-farming corporation
  • Perdue School of Business, in Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland

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Arthur Perdue
... Perdue was the founder of Perdue Farms along with his wife Pearl in 1920 ... Perdue originally started in his backyard and the business eventually grew into the $4.1 billion company it is today ...
Agur - Alternate Explanations of First Verse
... Scholars, including Perdue, have considered other meanings for "le-ithiel" and "ukhal" ... seen anywhere else in the Bible or any other Israelite document), Perdue points out that some better translations for le-ithiel would be "There is ... speculated that Agur is a "foreign sage from the East" (Perdue, op cit), who is quoted here only to be later rebuked ...
Perdue, Saskatchewan - Economy
... Perdue is well-equipped with services, especially considering its relatively small size and proximity to larger centres such as Biggar and Saskatoon ... Downtown Perdue is home to the Perdue branch of the Biggar Credit Union, a grocery store, hair stylists, the Ezeewrap headquarters, the post office,an insurance broker, Perdue Hotel, Crawford Used ... Feudal Co-Op, 5-Star Service, and west of town the Perdue Oasis golf course and restaurant ...
Cheryl Burton - Education and Personal Life
... The 28 year old Gregory Perdue went on a fist-throwing rampage down a sidewalk in downtown Chicago ... She was however, hit by a punch in the head from Perdue which knocked her to the ground ... At the trial, Perdue's attorney said Perdue was schizophrenic ...
Tito Perdue - Work
... Perdue’s Sweet-Scented Manuscript was completed within a year of his "retirement," but not published until 2004 (by Baskerville Press) ... Perdue’s next novel, Lee, was about the same Leland Pefley, now an old man, bitter, hostile, angry at a world that no longer recognized the values and ... That same year, Baskerville Press published Perdue’s Opportunities in Alabama Agriculture, a strange fictional account of an Alabama man, school teacher, rural route mail ...