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Order of The Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star, an organization associated with Freemasonry, has employed a point-down pentagram as its symbol, with the five isosceles triangles of the points colored red, blue, yellow, white and green. This is an older form of the order's emblem and it is now more commonly depicted with the central pentagon rotated 180° so that it is no longer strictly a pentagram.

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Robert Macoy - Order of The Eastern Star
... Macoy published his first Adoptive Rite for the Eastern Star in 1869 having organized the work into the Chapter system and it is from Macoy's rite that all Eastern Star rituals used today have been taken ... In 1883 Macoy founded at New York the Order of the Amaranth in connection with the Eastern Star ... The First Order of Eastern Star was Alpha Chapter no ...

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