Pélissier is a French surname, held by:

  • Aimable Pélissier (1794–1864), French soldier
  • Blandine Pélissier (born 1960), French actress
  • Charles Pélissier (1903–1959), French cyclist
  • Francis Pélissier (1894–1959), French cyclist
  • Franck Pélissier (born 1969), French writer
  • Henri Pélissier (1889–1935), French cyclist
  • Marie Pélissier (1706/7 – 1749), French singer
  • Michel Pélissier (born 1947), former préfet and CEO of Sonacotra
  • Olympe Pélissier (died 1878), salon hostess and second wife of Rossini
  • Philippe Pélissier, French figure skater
  • Éloi Pélissier, French rugby player


  • Anthony Pelissier (1912–88), British film director and producer
  • Harry Gabriel Pelissier (1874–1913), British theatre producer
  • Matt Pelissier, American rock drummer

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