Peirce Reservoir

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Lower Peirce Reservoir
... The Lower Peirce Reservoir (Chinese 贝雅士蓄水池下段) is one of the oldest reservoirs in Singapore ... It is located near the MacRitchie Reservoir and the Upper Peirce Reservoir ... It was originally created as the Peirce Reservoir but was designated as lower upon the creation of the Upper Peirce Reservoir ...
Lower Peirce Reservoir - History
... Originally known as the Kallang River Reservoir, Singapore's second reservoir was impounded across the lower reaches of the Kallang River in 1910 ... In 1922, it was renamed Peirce Reservoir in commendation of the services of Robert Peirce, who was the municipal engineer of Singapore from 1901 to 1916 ... A dam was constructed at the upper reaches of the Peirce Reservoir, forming the Upper and Lower Peirce Reservoirs ...

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