Pedogenesis - Parent Material

Parent Material

The rock from which soil is formed is called parent material. The main types are: aeolian, glacial till, glacial outwash, alluvium, lacustrine parent material and residual parent material, or bedrock.

Pedologists use the following generic functional relationship for understanding soil formation:

s = f (cl, o, r, p, t, ...)

where s - soil properties; cl - regional climate; o - potential biota; r - topography; p - parent material; t - time; ... - additional variables.

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... The weathering of parent material takes the form of physical disintegrating and chemical decomposition and transformation ... Physical disintegration is the first stage in the transformation of parent material into soil ... The freezing of absorbed water causes the physical splitting of material along a path toward the center of the rock, while temperature gradients within the ...
... It is formed under moist, cool and acidic conditions, especially where the parent material, such as granite or sandstone, is rich in quartz ... It is found under a layer of organic material in the process of decomposition, which is usually 5-10 cm thick ... to the part of the soil that is mainly not affected by processes that is the parent material ...
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105 kPa, which can split rocks apart, wedge rocks upward in the soil, and heave and churn soil material ... Parent material becomes hydrolyzed by the acidic solution to produce minerals and to release cations ...

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