Pedestrian Zone

Pedestrian Zone

Pedestrian zones (also known as auto-free zones and car-free zones) are areas of a city or town reserved for pedestrian only use and in which some or all automobile traffic may be prohibited. They are instituted by communities who feel that it is desirable to have pedestrian-only areas. Converting a street or an area to pedestrian only use is called pedestrianisation.

Pedestrian zones have a great variety of attitudes or rules towards human powered vehicles such as bicycles, inline skates, skateboards and kick scooters. Some have a total ban on anything with wheels, others ban certain categories, others segregate the human-powered wheels from foot traffic, and others still have no rules at all. Many of the Middle Eastern examples have no wheeled traffic, but use donkeys for freight transport.

Towns in many low-income countries are effectively largely pedestrian only simply because cars are uncommon in those countries.

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... with the construction of the U-Bahn, the Graben became a pedestrian zone ... A test-run of the pedestrian zone was inaugurated at the Christmas parade on November 27, 1971 ... The final project for the establishment of the pedestrian zone was the work of Hermann Stiegholzer, and was inaugurated in 1978 ...
Market Street, Manchester - Layout and Shops
... at Piccadilly/Mosley Street, the street shares its space equally between pedestrian walkways and two Metrolink tram lines ... the removal of the tram lines, Market Street becomes an entirely pedestrian zone bustling with shoppers ... Throughout the pedestrian zone there can often be found a large number of street traders and entertainers ...
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... There were calls for traffic to be reinstated in Trafalgar Square, London, after pedestrianisation caused noise nuisance for visitors to the National Gallery ... The director of the gallery is reported to have blamed pedestrianisation for the "trashing of a civic space" ...

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