Pedestrian Safety Through Vehicle Design - Reducing Pedestrian Injuries

Reducing Pedestrian Injuries

Most pedestrian deaths occur due to the traumatic brain injury resulting from the hard impact of the head against the stiff hood or windshield. In addition, although usually non-fatal, injuries to the lower limb (usually to the knee joint and long bones) are the most common cause of disability due to pedestrian crashes. A Frontal Protection System (FPS) is a device fitted to the front end of a vehicle to protect both pedestrians and cyclists who are involved in a front end collision with a vehicle. Car design has been shown to have a large impact on the scope and severity of pedestrian injury in car accidents.

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Pedestrian Safety Through Vehicle Design - Reducing Pedestrian Injuries - Protecting The Limbs
... Most limb injuries occur due to a direct blow from the bumper and the leading edge of the hood ... Thus, attempts at reducing these injuries involve reducing the peak contact forces by making the bumper softer and increasing the contact area and by ... causing the knee to bend less and thus reducing the likelihood of ligament injuries ...

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