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Despite Paul and Christine's relationship, she continued to have feelings for her ex-husband Danny Romalotti who was divorcing Phyllis Romalotti after Christine had proved that Daniel Romalotti, the child of Phyllis and Danny, was actually not biological Danny's. Phyllis wanted revenge on Christine and feared that she would leave Paul to remarry Danny. The night before Paul and Christine's wedding, Christine briefly kissed Danny to say goodbye, but Phyllis didn't interpret it that way. That night she crashed her car into Christine and Paul. The wedding was postponed, and Christine and Danny reconnected again, but she chose Paul and they eventually got married later that year.

Both Christine and Paul wanted children, but conception proved difficult and Christine's legal career began strain their marriage. Christine ended up forming a law practice with Michael Baldwin who had just been released from prison for his rape of Christine. At one point Christine took a case in Hong Kong, requiring her move there for several months. Paul agreed to move with Christine there, but backed out at the last minute. Afterwards, Christine was offered a case in Australia, but turned it down so she and Paul could rebuild their marriage. When Christine returned, Paul had begun an affair with a new client Isabella Braña (Eva Longoria). When Christine found out, she took the case in Australia and divorced Paul by 2002.

Isabella ended up pregnant, but didn't tell Paul because she felt he was still in love with Christine. Therefore, she told Michael Baldwin, who Isabella had a brief romance with, that he was the father. Isabella and Michael began a relationship while Paul reconnected with his ex-wife Lauren Fenmore. Yet, when Michael and Paul learned the truth about Isabella's baby, Paul decided to move in with Isabella. Yet, Paul's mother Mary Williams was very much against Isabella and felt she was using Paul. Christine Blair also returned to Genoa City and Paul tried to reconnect with her, but she refused and slowly developed a relationship with Michael, who had years earlier raped her. Paul and Isabella eventually married, but when Michael and Christine announced their engagement, Paul was not happy and tried to return to Christine in a very controversial scene in which Paul forced himself on top of Christine in late 2002, leading viewers to debate whether or not he had raped her, or if it was merely "rough sex". Christine disappeared after that.

Christine eventually returned in disguise as Kelley Simmons and began working with Mary Williams to expose Isabella. Eventually Paul and Michael saw through Christine's disguise, but Paul wanted to be with Isabella and Ricky. Just as Christine and Michael were to be married, he confessed that he arranged for Isabella to meet Paul years ago in order for him to finally be alone with Christine. This shocked Christine and left Michael and told Paul the truth. They made love and moved back in together in Genoa City as Isabella began to plot revenge on Christine. Isabella tried to frame Christine for her own murder before she hunted down Christine herself in her bath tub. As Christine nearly began to drown, Paul rushed in to knock out Isabella, and soon Michael came to Isabella again. Isabella was sent to a mental institution, while Ricky was sent to boarding school. Paul then proposed marriage to Christine again, but she laughed and Paul felt she was taking it seriously. In turn, Paul turned to Lauren Fenmore again, but Kevin Fisher's obsession with Lauren caused the destruction of their reunion. In turn, Lauren began a romance with Kevin's older half-brother, Michael Baldwin.

Later that year in 2004, Paul Williams Investigations was forced to close down, and Paul became a partner at Baldwin, Blair and Associates, along with Michael and Christine. He also hired budding PI J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) as an apprentice. Paul ended up continuing his detective work when Victor Newman hired Paul to look into Brad Carlton who was marrying his daughter Victoria. Paul ended up discovering that Brad was actually born as George Kaplan, but assumed the name of Brad Carlton to save himself from people who had tried to kill his family years earlier. Around the same time, Paul had been investigating Sheila Carter, Lauren's long time enemy. Apparently, Sheila had plastic surgery in Argentina to look just like Phyllis Summers. By 2007, Paul ended up capturing Sheila to protect Lauren, and Michael was also later involved in keeping her hidden in a warehouse.

Eventually, Paul began dating fellow detective Maggie Sullivan. When Maggie learned about the woman Paul and Michael were keeping hidden in a warehouse, she visited the warehouse to see for herself. There Sheila convinced Maggie that she was actually Phyllis, and Maggie sent her free. Sheila then shot Maggie before she ran off to Phyllis's apartment and tied her up while they waited for Lauren to come. When Lauren came, Sheila tied her up and kidnapped Phyllis and her and Lauren's babies, Summer Newman and Fenmore Baldwin. Eventually, Michael and Paul saved Maggie, while Nicholas Newman, Phyllis's new husband, and Michael's brother, Kevin Fisher tried to find Phyllis and Sheila. Before they found their hide out spot, Lauren brought the gun that Paul had previously given Lauren to protect herself. Lauren found Phyllis and Sheila, but was unable to determine which one was the real Phyllis and who was Sheila. The real Phyllis convinced Lauren and in turn Sheila was shot, but her dying words were that she shot the wrong one leaving Lauren forever paranoid. As Maggie later recovered, she never told the police about Paul and Michael's keeping Sheila hidden away.

Soon after, Paul's daughter Heather Stevens returned to Genoa City and became an assistant District Attorney. Slowly Paul and Heather developed a relationship. Then, Paul and J.T. began vigorously investigated David Chow who had been Nikki Newman's campaign manager during her 2007 Senate campaign. Yet, Nikki and David began a romance leaving Victor to divorce Nikki, and Paul was worried about David's past. Victor Newman also received information and thus gave information to Paul about Chow to make sure his children's mother stayed out of harm's way. This investigation ended when Chow was killed in a severe car accident set up by the Mafia.

In late November 2008, Paul entered into a new relationship with his first love, Nikki. After the David Chow incident Nikki didn't want to live with her children or in the house she bought with David, so Paul invited her to live with him. After a blow up with Victor following his young wife's death, Nikki went home to Paul to vent her frustration, and they ended up in bed. They were keeping it secret, and trying to take it slow, but Michael Baldwin discovered their relationship in early 2009. In May 2009, Nikki accepted Paul's marriage proposal. Paul was curious about a new woman in town, Mary Jane Benson, and began investigating her because he feels they have met before. He is unaware that Mary Jane is actually his sister, Patty Williams.

Paul and Nikki ended up engaged and even had Victor's approval given his remarriage to Ashley Abbott. However, the night before their wedding, Nikki left Paul and even left Genoa City. Paul continued to investigate Mary Jane as she continued to be involved in a variety of dangerous schemes. Eventually, the woman confessed to Father Todd Williams without knowing it was actually her older brother. Todd recognized it was Mary Jane and called Paul. When Paul eventually found Mary Jane she confessed that she was Patty. Patty ended up kidnapping Colleen Carlton and she later drowned. When Victor and Jack tried to save Colleen, Patty shot Victor. Paul and J.T. eventually found them all and Victor only survived thanks to the donation of Colleen's heart to Victor. Paul also traced Nikki to a spa in Colorado and convinced her to return to help Victor. Victor and Nikki eventually traveled to Europe during his recovery before returning in Genoa City together again.

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