Paul Robinson (Neighbours)

Paul Robinson (Neighbours)

Paul Stewart Robinson is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, a long-running serial drama about social life in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough. He is played by Stefan Dennis. Paul debuted in the serial's first episode in 1985 and appeared on a regular basis until 1992 when Dennis quit the serial to pursue other projects. Dennis briefly reprised the role in 1993. Dennis returned to Neighbours full-time in 2004. He later said it had been a mistake to leave the series. Paul was created by producer Reg Watson as one of Neighbours' original characters. He made his debut in the soap's first episode on 18 March 1985 and is the only original character still featured in current episodes.

In the late 1980s Paul evolved into a powerful, arrogant and sometimes villainous business man. In 2007, as part of the reinvention of the serial, Paul's evil ways were mellowed through a brain tumor plot. Dennis has often spoke of his admiration for Paul's evil persona, stating it is what makes him an entertaining character. He has been at the centre of many high profile storylines including money laundering, a leg amputation, being held hostage, convicted to time in prison and many scams against fellow characters. He has been married five times and had countless affairs, proving to be an intense womaniser. Paul's evil side and his womanising have been well received by critics who found it entertaining. Dennis has garnered various award nominations for his portrayal of Paul.

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... Dennis has earned various award nominations for his role as Paul ... on an entertainment website published by Virgin Media, they stated that Paulin his early days was a "retro soap hunk." They branded him a "bad boy", also stating "Motivated by greed and lust, Paul ... memorable television comebacks, amongst them was Pauls 2004 return and they said "Ruthless 'workaholic' businessman PaulRobinson fled Australia in 1993 to escape ...

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