Paul Montgomery

Paul Montgomery

Joseph Paul Montgomery ( June 5, 1960 - June 19, 1999 ) was an American entrepreneur and inventor. In the mid 1980s, he was among the first to see the potential of personal computer technology in the field of video production and 3D animation. As Vice President of NewTek and Co-Founder and President of Play, Inc., Montgomery drove the creation of the first widely-successful digital video products, including the Emmy-award winning Video Toaster and the Snappy Video Snapshot.

In the 1996 book, The Age of Videography, Montgomery was cited as one of the 25 most influential people in the history of videography. Montgomery received a Primetime Emmy award for his personal contributions in creating the Video Toaster. He is listed as an inventor on U.S. patents 6,380,950 and 6,941,517 regarding low-bandwidth television.

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... both contained employees passionate about Montgomery and the products they created ... Wil Wheaton, who briefly moved to Topeka to work for NewTek, called Montgomery "the soul of NewTek and the soul of Play" in his book Just a Geek ...

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