Pasteur Bizimungu - Presidency


In July 1994 the RPF gained control of the country and established a national unity government. The RPF leader, Tutsi Paul Kagame, was chosen vice-president, and Bizimungu was chosen President so that the majority Hutus would still be highly represented in the government.

During Bizimungu's administration, many believed that Kagame had true control of the government. Bizimingu soon found himself in conflict with Kagame over what Bizimingu argued was unjustified repression of dissent. Former Speaker of Parliament Joseph Sebarenzi was accused of treason and fled the country, and in March 2000, administration official Assiel Kabera was shot in the head by three men said to be in military uniform. Critics accused Bizimungu of corruption, alleging that he had blocked parliament's attempts to censure corrupt ministers, refused to pay compensation to evicted residents on one of his building site, and dodged Rwandan taxes by registering two of his trucks in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bizimingu resigned in March 2000 in a dispute over the make-up of a new cabinet, and Kagame became president.

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