Passive Treatment System

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Dunkard Creek - Mathews Restoration Site
... of the lower 6.2 miles (10.0 km) by creating a Passive Treatment System, or constructed wetlands, on the Mathews farm near Poland Mines ... partners from across the region, the Alliance created a Passive Treatment System consisting of 2 ... with man-made wetlands, it creates a self-renewing Passive Treatment System ...

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    Psychoanalysis is an attempt to examine a person’s self-justifications. Hence it can be undertaken only with the patient’s cooperation and can succeed only when the patient has something to gain by abandoning or modifying his system of self-justification.
    Thomas Szasz (b. 1920)

    It is my conviction that in general women are more snobbish and class conscious than men and that these ignoble traits are a product of men’s attitude toward women and women’s passive acceptance of this attitude.
    Mary Barnett Gilson (1877–?)

    I feel that any form of so called psychotherapy is strongly contraindicated for addicts.... The question “Why did you start using narcotics in the first place?” should never be asked. It is quite as irrelevant to treatment as it would be to ask a malarial patient why he went to a malarial area.
    William Burroughs (b. 1914)