Passive Probes

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Test Probe - Voltage Probes - Oscilloscope Probes - Active Scope Probes
... Active scope probes use a high-impedance high-frequency amplifier mounted in the probe head, and a screened lead ... Active probes are commonly seen by the circuit under test as a capacitance of 1 picofarad or less in parallel with 1 megohm resistance ... Probes are connected to the oscilloscope with a cable matching the characteristic impedance of the oscilloscope input ...
Test Probe - Voltage Probes - Oscilloscope Probes - Passive Probes
... To minimize loading, attenuator probes (e.g. 10× probes) are used ... A typical probe uses a 9 megohm series resistor shunted by a low-value capacitor to make an RC compensated divider with the cable capacitance and scope input ...

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