Passes of The Silvretta and Rätikon Ranges

The chief passes of the Silvretta and Rhatikon Ranges, from the Fuela Pass to the Reschen Scheideck and the Arlberg Pass, are:

Note: road status as of 1911.
Mountain pass location type (as of 1911) elevation
Jamjoch Guarda to Galtur Snow 0 meters 10 112 feet
Fuorcla del Confin Silvretta Pass to the Vermunt Glacier Snow 3058 meters 10,033 feet
Buinlucke Guarda to Patenen Snow 3054 meters 10,020 feet
Silvretta Pass Klosters to Lavin Snow 3013 meters 9886 feet
Zahnlucke Jam Glen to the Fimber Glen Snow 2960 meters 9712 feet
Verstanklathor Klosters to Lavin Snow 2951 meters 9682 feet
Fuorcla d'Urezzas Ardez to Galtur Snow 2915 meters 9564 feet
Fuorcla Tasna Ardez to Ischgl Snow 2857 meters 9374 feet
Fuorcla Maisas Remus to the SamnaunGlen Snow 2852 meters 9357 feet
Vermunt or Fermunt Pass Guarda to Patenen Snow 2802 meters 9193 feet
Futschol Pass Ardez to Galtur Foot path 2773 meters 9098 feet
Fuorcla Zadrell or Vernela Pass Klosters to Lavin Snow 2753 meters 9033 feet
Cuolm d'Alp bella or Vignitz Pass Samnaun Glen to Kappl Foot path 2698 meters 8852 feet
Schafbucheljoch Mathon to St Anton Foot path 2647 meters 8685 feet
Fimber Pass Remus to Ischgl Bridle path 2612 meters 8570 feet
Scheien Pass Klosters to the See Glen Foot path 2608 meters 8557 feet
Vereina Pass or Pass da Val Torta Klosters to Lavin Foot path 2603 meters 8540 feet
Zebles Pass Ischgl to the Samnaun Glen Bridle path 2545 meters 8350 feet
Garnerajoch Klosters to Gaschurn Foot path 2485 meters 8153 feet
Fless Pass Klosters to Sus Foot path 2452 meters 8045 feet
St Antonien or Gargellenjoch St Antonien to St Gallenkirch Foot path 2375 meters 7792 feet
Drusenthor Schiers to Schruns Foot path 2350 meters 7710 feet
Verrajochl Luenersee to the Schweizerthor Foot path 2331 meters 7648 feet
Ofen Pass Schweizerthor to Schruns Foot path 2293 meters 7523 feet
Cavelljoch Bludenz and the Luenersee to Seewis Foot path 2238 meters 7343 feet (Rätikon)
Gruben Pass St Antoenien to Schruns Foot path 2235 meters 7333 feet
Schlappinerjoch Klosters to St Gallenkirch Bridle path 2200 meters 7218 feet
Schweizerthor Schiers to Schruns Foot path 2151 meters 7057 feet (Rätikon)
Bielerhohe Partenen to Galtuer Bridle path 2021 meters 6631 feet
Zeinisjoch Partenen to Galtuer Bridle path 1852 meters 6076 feet
Arlberg Pass Landeck to Bludenz Carriage road over
Railway tunnel beneath
1802 meters 5912 feet

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