Pashtun Forces

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Siege Of Malakand - Relieving Chakdara
31 July 1897 to take command, and on 1 August he was informed that the Pashtun forces had turned their attention to the nearby British fort of Chakdara ... began, and had recently sent the signal "Help us" to the British forces ... While Blood and his relief force marched for Chakdara from the main camp at Nowshera, Meiklejohn set out from Malakand South with the 45th, 24th and guns from No ...
Siege Of Malakand - Malakand North and Malakand South - Night of July 26/27 - South Camp
... – with orders to hold the position however, the Pashtun column had already arrived at the South Malakand camp, surprising the British defenders, and began to open fire on the garrison with muskets ... by gorges, they hoped to hold the attacking force ... McRae, with about 20 men, opened fire on the Pashtun tribesmen and began a fighting withdrawal 50 paces down the road before halting in an attempt to stop the attack ...

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