Pascual Ruiz Huidobro - May Revolution

May Revolution

He supported the May Revolution, and in the Cabildo Abierto of 22 May 1810, he was the second to speak, right after Bishop Lué. He voted for the deposement of the viceroy and giving political command and power to the Cabildo until the legitimate government of the King in Spain was restored (where the King was deposed by Napoleon, having placed his brother Joseph Bonaparte in Madrid). As the cabildo could not hold military command, the new candidate for the post was again Ruiz Huidobro. Following him at the Cabildo, Saavedra spoke supporting his argument but proposed instead a new form of government by a Junta, the motion that won the day. For fourth, and last, time he lost his opportunity to become viceroy.

During the new Junta's government Primera Junta he was relieved as military commander, as he was a suspect for being Spanish born. In 1812, the First Triumvirate included him in the investigations about the purported Álzaga conspiracy. He was not tried, but found it more prudent to travel to Chile, where he planned to offer his military services and experience to the dictator José Miguel Carrera. The Second Triumvirate named him ambassador to the Government in Chile. He never arrived as he died in transit in March 1813 in the city of Mendoza.

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