Pascal (programming Language)

Pascal (programming Language)

Pascal is an influential imperative and procedural programming language, designed in 1968–1969 and published in 1970 by Niklaus Wirth as a small and efficient language intended to encourage good programming practices using structured programming and data structuring.

A derivative known as Object Pascal designed for object-oriented programming was developed in 1985.

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Pascal (programming Language) - Reception - Criticism - Reactions
... Pascalcontinued to evolve,and most of Kernighan'spoints do not apply to versions of the language which were enhanced to be suitable for commercial product development,such as Borland'sTurbo Pascal ... Unfortunately,just as Kernighan predicted in his article,most of the extensions to fix these issues were incompatible from compiler to compiler ... Since the early 1990s,however,the varieties seem to have condensed into two categories,ISO and Borland-like,a better eventual outcome than Kernighan foresaw ...

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    Can anything be more ridiculous than that a man should have the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of the water, and because his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have none with him?
    —Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)