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Liberal Party Of Ukraine - Party Congress
... Founding Congress – September 12, 1991 – Donetsk І Congress – June 3, 1993 року - Kyiv ІІ Congress – January 28, 1995 року – Kyiv ІІІ Congress – 1 phase – January 26 ...
Registered Partnership In Finland - Same-sex Marriage
... Majorities of the Centre Party and National Coalition Party opposed gender-neutral marriage law ... Helsingin Sanomat reported that there was cross-party support for gender-neutral marriage law and joint adoption rights ... The National Coalition Party's secretary Taru Tujunen stated that an initiative would be put forward at the next party congress on gender-neutral marriage ...
People's Socialist Republic Of Albania - Albania in The Chinese Sphere
... the open in June 1960 at a Romanian Workers' Party congress, at which Khrushchev attempted to secure condemnation of Beijing ... encouraged a pro-Soviet faction in the Party of Labour of Albania (APL) to speak out against the party's pro-Chinese stance ... But given their tight control of the party machinery, army, and Shehu's secret police, the Directorate of State Security (Drejtorija e Sigurimit të Shtetit—Sigu ...
Socialist Workers Party (Palestine) - Third Party Congress
... The third party congress was held April 22–25, 1921, in Jaffa ... Jerusalem, Rehovot, Sichron Yaakov, Petach Tikva, Yavne, Sarafend, Tzemah and Kineret, the party branch at the Labour Battalion 'Migdal', the Central ... The third party congress decided to change to name of the party to Jewish Communist Party — Poalei Zion, section of the Palestine Communist Party (Yiddish abbreviation 'JKP-PKP') ...
Prime Ministers Of South Vietnam - Notes
... newly-formed Central Committee in the aftermath of a Party Congress ... first session after being elected by a National Party Congress elects the Politburo ... functioned as an official order of precedence before the 10th Party Congress, and some believe it still does ...

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    The profession I chose was politics; the profession I entered was the law. I entered the one because I thought it would lead to the other. It was once the same road; and Congress is [s]till full of lawyers.
    Woodrow Wilson (1856–1924)

    A peace is of the nature of a conquest,
    For then both parties nobly are subdued,
    And neither party loser.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)