• (adj): Of or relating to or consisting of participles.
    Example: "Participial inflections"
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Sotho Deficient Verbs - Classification
... It is clear that most groups are followed by participial or subjunctive moods, which are precisely the moods often used when forming sequences of verbs or subordinate clauses using non-deficien ... Deficient verb classification Group Type of complement I Full participial II Past subjunctive III Perfect subjunctive IV Full sequence V Present and/or perfect ...
... of a participle is called a participle phrase or participial phrase (participial is the adjective derived from participle) ... For example, looking hard at the sign and beaten by his father are participial phrases based respectively on an English present participle and past participle ... Participial phrases are a type of non-finite clause ...
Sotho Parts Of Speech - Copulatives - Forming The Copulative
... The rules may be classed into 3 categories (plain predication or zero copula, participial, past relative clause participial) and each category may be ... Plain Rule 1 Rule 2 + SC + CB + ke + CB – ha + SC + CB – hase + CB Participial Rule 3 Rule 4 + SC + le and CB + e + le and CB – SC + se and CB – e + se and CB Relative Rule 5 Rule 6 + RC + le ... Note that the participial sub-mood is the basis for all relative clause constructions (used in rules 3 to 6) ...
Proto-Indo-European Verbs - Post-PIE Developments
... In some participial constructions, however, an aorist participle can have either a tensal or aspectual meaning.) It is assumed that this distinction of aspect was the original ... and in later Classical Sanskrit, all three could be freely replaced by a participial construction ... early Middle Indo-Aryan, which was later displaced by a participial past tense ...

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  • (noun): A non-finite form of the verb; in English it is used adjectivally and to form compound tenses.
    Synonyms: participle