Parappa The Rapper TV Animation Soundtrack Volume 1

Parappa the Rapper TV Animation Soundtrack Volume 1 is a CD album containing the first twenty-five songs seen on the Parappa Rappa anime TV show; PaRappa the Rapper TV Animation Soundtrack Stage 2 contains the latter of the show's songs.

The song Bonds of Love is the first insert theme; it was composed and sung by the j-pop artist Chara, who also did the second ending to the anime, the second insert song Adult Fun (PaRappa Mix) is a song made by the group Elephant Love and is usually played as one of the tunes heard in Club Fun during PJ’s time as the DJ.

The opening Song Love Together (PaRappa Mix) (WPC6-10129) and the ending School Girl (FLCF-3861) are extended version of the music heard in the anime, while “Love Together” is a remix made by and featuring Nona Reeves, “School Girl” is played in its original form

On the first DVD of the anime, in the special features section, the main protagonists of the show had their own songs, each song was named after the character except for PJ as the theme playing was Today’s the Dance Party rather than PJ Walk Your Way when his preview comes up and for Boxy Boy who has no track named after him instead, he is given the Window Shopping theme.

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