Parallel Interface

  • (noun): An interface between a computer and a printer where the computer sends multiple bits of information to the printer simultaneously.
    Synonyms: parallel port

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Centronics - The Interface
... An Wang, Robert Howard and Prentice Robinson developed the Centronics parallel interface at Wang Laboratories ... The Centronics parallel interface quickly became an industry de facto standard ... When IBM implemented the parallel interface on the IBM PC, they used the DB25F connector at the PC-end of the interface, creating the now familiar parallel cable with a DB25M at one end and a 36 pin ...
IEEE 1284 - Overview
... devices that had previously used SCSI interfaces could be produced at a much lower cost ... scanners, tape drives, hard disks, computer networks connected directly via parallel interface, network adapters and other devices ... SCSI card—they could simply use their built-in parallel interface ...

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