Papyrus 75 - Textual Variants

Textual Variants

In Luke 11:4, the phrase αλλα ρυσαι ημας απο του πονηρου (but deliver us from evil) is omitted. The omission of this phrase is also supported by the following manuscripts: Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Codex Regius, f1, 700, vg, syrs, copsa, bo, arm, geo.

In Luke 16:19 the manuscript reads Ανθρωπος δε τις ην πλουσιος, ονοματι Νευης, και ενεδιδυσκετο "There was a rich man, with the name Neue, who clothed himself", This reading has support from the Sahidic version and the two Greek minuscule manuscripts 36 and 37, in addition to a scholion of uncertain date have ευρον δε τινες και του πλουσιου εν τισιν αντιγραφοις τουνομα Νινευης λεγομενον.

Luke 22:43-44 is omitted, as in codices א*, A, B, T, 1071.

In Luke 23:34, 75 has omitted the words: "And Jesus said: Father forgive them, they know not what they do." This omission is supported by the manuscripts Sinaiticusa, B, D*, W, Θ, 0124, 1241, ita, d, syrs, copsa, copbo.

Luke 24:26

δοξαν – majority of mss
βασιλειαν – 75

John 10,7

η θυρα (door) – majority
ο ποιμην (shepherd) – 75 copsa copac

The manuscript also lacks the Pericope of the Adulteress, usually placed in Translations at John 7:53-8:11. This omission is supported by the manuscripts Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus and 66.

The manuscript is currently housed at the Vatican Library (P. Bodmer XIV-XV) at Rome.

The discovery of 75 has had a profound effect on New Testament textual criticism, due to its great agreement with Codex Vaticanus.

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