The genus Palaemonetes includes a geographically diverse group of fresh and brackish-water shrimp, which however are not phylogenetically distinct from Palaemon. Molecular data suggest that Palaemonetes, as well as the genera Exopalaemon and Couteriella, are nested within Palaemon. Phylogenetic affinities in these groups correspond better with geographical origin than conventional genus assignments. Conventionally, Palaemonetes includes the following species:

  • Palaemonetes africanus
  • Palaemonetes antennarius
  • Palaemonetes antrorum
  • Palaemonetes argentinus
  • Palaemonetes atrinubes
  • Palaemonetes australis
  • Palaemonetes camranhi
  • Palaemonetes carteri
  • Palaemonetes cummingi
  • Palaemonetes hiltoni
  • Palaemonetes hobbsi
  • Palaemonetes intermedius
  • Palaemonetes ivonicus
  • Palaemonetes kadiakensis
  • Palaemonetes karukera
  • Palaemonetes lindsayi
  • Palaemonetes mercedae
  • Palaemonetes mesogenitor
  • Palaemonetes mesopotamicus
  • Palaemonetes mexicanus
  • Palaemonetes octaviae
  • Palaemonetes paludosus
  • Palaemonetes pugio
  • Palaemonetes schmitti
  • Palaemonetes sinensis
  • Palaemonetes suttkusi
  • Palaemonetes texanus
  • Palaemonetes tonkinensis
  • Palaemonetes turcorum
  • Palaemonetes varians
  • Palaemonetes vulgaris
  • Palaemonetes zariquieyi

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