Pakistan Muslim League (F)

The Pakistan Muslim League (F) (Urdu: پاکستان مسلم لیگ ف, Acronym: PMLF, PML-F, PML (F)) is a centrist, nationalist, and pro-Hurs clan political party in Pakistan. It is one of the factions of the original Pakistan Muslim League. The letter 'F' in its name stands for functional. It is primarily associated with the Sindhi religious leader Pir Pagara. It was formed in 1985 when the Pakistani establishment decided to make Muhammad Khan Junejo the president of united PML. In response, Pir PagaraSyed Shah Mardan Shah-II parted ways with the mother league and formed his own party.

After Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was defeated by Ayub Khan in the Pakistani presidential election, 1965, Jinnah established the Pakistan Muslim League (Functional). Pir PagaroSyed Shah Mardan Shah-II became the head of this political party. He was also nominated as first president of United Muslim League. He was Chief of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F), and spiritual leader of the ‘Hur’ Jamaat organization.

In the 2002 Pakistani general election, the party won 1.1% of the popular vote and 4 out of 272elected members.

In May 2004, PML (Functional) merged with PML (Q) along with other parties to form the united PML.

However after 2 months in July 2004, Pir Pagara and the PML (F) parted ways with the united PML citing differences with the Chaudhry brothers and calling the PML, the Jatt league.

In the 2008 Pakistani general election, the PML-F won 4 seats, and were given one reserved women's seat raising to their total to 5 National Assembly seats . Additionally, the party won 8 provincial assembly seats in Sindh and 3 in Punjab.

In September 2010 the Pakistan Muslim League (F) and PML-Q united, forming the All Pakistan Muslim League (Pir Pagara). In January 2012 after the death of 7th Pir PagaraSyed Shah Mardan Shah-II his son Syed Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi III the 8th Pir Pagara became the President of Pakistan Muslim League (F).

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