Pagal Panthis

The Pagal Panthis were a socio-religious order that emerged in the late 18th century CE in the Mymensingh region of Bengal (now located in Bangladesh). Adherents of a syncretic mixture of Hinduism, Sufism and Animism, the order sought to uphold religious principles and the rights of landless peasants in Bengal; under the leadership of Tipu Shah, the movement soon evolved into a popular, armed struggle against British Raj and the zamindar (landlord) system.

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Pagal Panthis - Peasant Rebellions
... The patron-saint of the Pagal Panthis, Majnu Shah, had been famous for encouraging revolts against the British East India Company, which had gained control over Bengal and later much of India ... The Pagal Panthis sought to protect and defend peasants from the militias of the landlords and the Company's armed forces ... An armed group of Pagal Panthis under the leadership of the Pathors stormed into Sherpur town, looted government offices and overpowered the officials, landlords and police ...